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Community Fund Application

Founded in 1927, the Steinberg Law Firm has always been a stalwart supporter of our community. For generations, our attorneys and staff have fought hard for the rights of others.

In addition to working hard for our clients, we are committed to sponsoring organizations that strive to improve literacy, children’s health and children’s welfare. As a result, your good work has caught the attention of our funding committee.

We are inviting you to apply for a grant from our annual Steinberg Law Firm fund. Granted to non-profits in increments of from $250 to $2500, these one-time funds are designed to help organizations meet their service goals.

Please review the attached application, and consider submitting one for your organization. We request applications be filed no later than June 15 each year. Funds will be disbursed to selected organizations in July of each year.

If you have questions, please contact Yani Smith at 843.572.0700 or [email protected]

Community Fund Application

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