Our Mission

Personal Injury Lawyers Representing Charleston & nearby areas of South Carolina


The mission of the Steinberg Law Firm is to provide the best legal services to our clients, to preserve the civil justice system, and to give back to our community.



To accomplish our mission, the Steinberg Law Firm holds these values paramount: 

EXCELLENCE: We commit the firm's experience, skills, and resources to help our clients through difficult legal challenges, and to achieve the best result in accordance with the highest standards of our profession. 

OPENNESS: We will earn our clients' trust and confidence by keeping them informed about their cases and by promptly responding to their questions. 

SERVICE: We will provide superior legal services in a prompt and effective manner, hold leadership roles in our profession to preserve the civil justice system, and serve the community in which we live and work. 

TEAMWORK: We will foster a working environment of respect, learning, initiative, innovation, and encouragement so that our lawyers and staff can work together to best achieve the firm's mission. 

DIVERSITY: We will provide a workplace where all members feel valued, supported, and are given the opportunity for personal advancement. 



Our vision is to build upon the Steinberg Law Firm's history as a preeminent law firm serving our clients, our profession, and our community.