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Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

Getting in an accident with a semi-truck can easily result in catastrophic physical injury or fatal injuries. Sometimes, the cause of a truck accident may be related to the neglige [...]

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Helpful Tips for Holiday Travel

Everyone knows holiday travel can be incredibly stressful, especially when there are long delays and unexpected obstacles. Whether you are traveling by plane or car, [...]

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What Type of Compensation is awarded in Accident Cases?

In a successful accident claim, damages may be awarded for a number of losses and other consequences of your injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, th [...]

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Steinberg Law Firm Offers Free Wills for Summerville Police Officers

Attorneys Steven Goldberg and Kelly Alfreds recently volunteered to draft wills and answer questions for all Summerville police officers, free of charge. Several mem [...]

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Top 10 Questions to ask your Personal Injury Lawyer

During your consultation with one of our experienced personal injury lawyers, we encourage you to ask any questions you have and alert us of any of your concerns. We want to make s [...]

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Holiday Health and Safety Tips

The holiday season provides a wonderful opportunity to spend with friends and family, celebrate the season, and start planning for the new year. It's also a great time to reco [...]

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Common Auto Accident Injuries

Are you wondering if your auto accident injuries make you eligible to pursue compensation in an accident claim? To know for sure, you must contact our experienced Charleston accide [...]

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