May, 2015 | Steinberg Law Firm



SC Senators Seek Help for First Responders with PTSD

A bipartisan group of South Carolina Senators are pushing to have a bill passed that would give workers’ compensation for first responders that suffer from post-traumatic str [...]

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Highway Deaths a Reminder to Buckle Up

At this point in 2014, 271 people had died in 248 auto accidents on highways located in the state of South Carolina. In 2015, 316 people have died in 291 crashes. If highway fatali [...]

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Check that Mirror!

Last year brought heartache in the news as we read story after story of children being left in vehicles as temperatures rose. Unfortunately, as summer approaches once again, the ri [...]

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How Long Do I Have to File for Workman’s Comp?

When you are injured on the job in South Carolina, chances are you can file a workers' compensation claim. With a few exceptions, every employee in South Carolina is covered b [...]

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Beep Beep! Moped Accidents on the Rise in SC

Moped related accidents have dramatically increased in the tri-county area within the last couple of months. Not only is this increase alarming, it’s actually responsible for [...]

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Employee of the Month: Lacy Sidbury

Please join us in congratulating our new Employee of the Month, Lacy Sidbury!  In an effort to express our appreciation for our wonderful staff and highlight their commitment [...]

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