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Travel Expenses Covered by Workers’ Compensation

When you file a claim for workers' compensation in South Carolina, you are seeking compensation for a variety of medical and job-related expenses. But did you know that in cer [...]

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South Carolina Driving: 13 Laws You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Although it seems anyone with a driver’s license should be aware of basic traffic laws, there are some laws that aren’t as obvious.  Traffic laws vary from state t [...]

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Key Differences Between Temporary and Permanent Disability

When you are the victim of a work-related injury, your workers' compensation claim will generally reimburse you for such costs as medical expenses, rehabilitation fees, and [...]

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South Carolina Seeking New Input on Boater Regulations

With the population of South Carolina on the rise, the amount of boaters hitting the water is also increasing. You may be wondering, how does that affect me? South Carolina h [...]

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Attorneys Michael Jordan and Catie Meehan Win Big Settlement

Attorneys Michael Jordan and Catie Meehan recently won a huge verdict in court for a very complicated auto accident case. They proved that hard work really does pay off in the cour [...]

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Steinberg Law Firm Collecting School Supplies for SCYLD’s Annual Backpack Drive

Steinberg Law Firm is once again participating in the South Carolina Young Lawyers Division’s Backpack Drive, July 27th through August 14th! The Steinberg Law Firm has volunte [...]

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Uber Rides to Continue in Our Home State

Governor Nikki Haley signed a law recently that will continue the use of the Uber ride app for South Carolinians. Uber, a phone app that connects riders to drivers, was establishe [...]

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Employee of the Month: Nelson Brooks

Please join us in congratulating our new Employee of the Month, Nelson Brooks!  In an effort to express our appreciation for our wonderful staff and highlight their commitmen [...]

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