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4 Things To Do When You Are Hit By a Drunk Driver

Drivers in South Carolina do not always plan for getting into car accidents. It is rare to have a drunk driver crash into your car, possibly causing serious and debilitating injuri [...]

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Common Construction Defects

Common construction defects

Every state and municipality has certain building codes that must be followed when building any type of structure. South Carolina is no exception. Under South Carolina construction [...]

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Four Construction Problems Related to Foundations and Soils

Charleston Construction Defect Attorneys

Many factors need to be considered when installing a foundation for a building or house. Obviously, the location of the building is very important. But one of the first things to c [...]

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How Commercial Truck Accidents Differ From Car Accidents

Steinberg Law Firm Attorneys Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers South Carolina

Any vehicle accident is a traumatic experience, but being involved in a crash with a commercial truck can be devastating. About 1 in 10 highway deaths occur in a collision involvin [...]

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What to Do When Your Child Gets Hurt on a School Bus

In the United States, approximately 25 million K-12 students ride the bus each way during the school week, according to the American School Bus Council. Statistically speaking, [...]

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Meet Steinberg Law Firm Attorney, J. Kevin Holmes

Standing Up for South Carolina - A podcast from the personal injury lawyers at Steinberg Law Firm

In the first episode of Standing Up for South Carolina, we hear from attorney K. Kevin Holmes. He moved to Columbia in 1975 right after he graduated from Rutgers University Sch [...]

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Steinberg Law Firm Builds Bikes for Pedals 4 Peanuts

At the Steinberg Law Firm, we sincerely believe that every person can spark change in our community in some way. Our passion for helping and empowering people is at the heart o [...]

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