If the Weather Is Bad, Is the Car Accident Still my Fault?

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If the Weather Is Bad, Is the Car Accident Still my Fault?

Car accidents happen every day. Even when the weather is at its best, collisions happen. When the weather conditions worsen, drivers must take extra precautions when operating their automobiles safely.

Although car accidents in bad weather are usually unintentional and sometimes unavoidable, a driver that crashes with another vehicle may still be liable. When driving in bad weather, people must adjust their driving for the road conditions. For example, when the road is slippery due to ice or rain, drivers should slow down and remain a safe distance away from other vehicles.

South Carolina drivers have a duty to drive with care and control. A driver’s failure to meet this duty of care under state traffic laws is considered negligent behavior. This is true even when adverse weather conditions contribute to the driver causing the accident.

South Carolina car accident cases are often complex. If you or someone you love was involved in a vehicle accident, do not attempt to face a lawsuit alone. Contact an attorney to handle your car accident claim to ensure your legal rights are protected. We are here to fight for the compensation you deserve. Call Steinberg Law Firm at (843) 720-2800 and hire an experienced South Carolina car accident attorney.

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