Steinberg Law Firm Throws Full Support Behind Effort To Improve Veterans’ Lives

It is truly impossible to know what America would look like today if it weren’t for the approximately 21 million presently-living U.S. military veterans. We constantly extend our extreme condolences to survivors of military personnel who sacrificed their lives while serving our great country. We also recognize the need to help those who’ve returned from harm’s way and are in need of assistance. In just a few short weeks, Steinberg Law Firm will once again join forces with North Palm Ministry and many other regional charitable institutions to participate in the first-ever Clergy Summit on Thursday, October 12th to address societal shortcomings when it comes to helping veterans adjust to civilian life.


Those participating in this upcoming event are proud to say that it is South Carolina’s first-ever coordination of public, private and non-profit institutions aimed at helping veterans, active service members and their families.


According to current estimates, there are more than 1.4 million active U.S. military members presently enlisted. Given that Fort Jackson — a U.S. Army facility established in 1917 where many recruits undergo basic training — is located in South Carolina, the impact that the military has on the region is a large one. Nation-wide, however, there are a slew of less-than-positive issues that military veterans face on a daily basis. A recent RallyPoint/Rasmussen Reports study showed that the majority of veterans interviewed found that finding a job was the most difficult part of getting re-acclimated to society. Making that issue a bit more complex was the study’s finding that revealed some 40 percent of veterans feeling that employers “do not view military experience as a professional asset.”


According to Steinberg Law Firm, the following are just some of the hurdles that assistance programs are working  to help veterans overcome: clothing and household goods, education, employment, food, health care, housing, legal services, money management, transportation and many more. The fact that legal services rank on the list of veterans concerns is one of the reasons why Steinberg Law Firm has opted to join the Clergy Summit as both a senior sponsor and a gold-level sponsor. Steinberg Law Firm plans to have two of their attorneys seated at the VIP table for the event and will have a presence at future regional events to address veteran issues. The upcoming Clergy Summit was developed by Steinberg Law Firm in coordination with North Palm Ministry. The two groups have previously worked together during the 2016 “Project Manna” food drive that saw the collection of items from local non-profit distribution centers and delivery to 15 different families.


Updated on December 12, 2019

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