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Common Workplace Injuries

Common Workplace InjuriesNo matter what your job is, your workplace can be surprisingly hazardous. All it takes is a misplaced object or a careless co-worker for you to be in the hospital, contacting the South Carolina worker’s compensation office to file a claim for your workplace injury. The time you need to recover, and the money you lose in the meantime, can have a significant effect on your future.

You can’t control luck or the actions of others when you work, but you can make decisions that put you in a good position to avoid a long-term work injury on a job site. With this in mind, Steinberg Law Firm has compiled some of the most common workplace injuries, and how you can best avoid them. If you suffer an injury on the job, call (855) 270-5760 and we’ll give you a free initial legal consultation.


At Steinberg Law Firm, we see a wide variety of workplace injuries in our job as workers’ compensation lawyers. The accidents behind these injuries cover a wide range of incidents, some of which are extremely unlikely, some of which were due to avoidable mistakes. But the injuries caused by these accidents tended to fall into a few major categories.

Common types of workplace injuries include:

Repetitive Motion Injuries – These are more common in white collar office jobs, where carpal tunnel syndrome is a big problem, but can also occur in jobs that require lots of repetitive physical exertion.

Struck by Falling Object – A common construction site injury, it also occurs where there are a lot of people working on different levels of a structure. Also fairly common among employees who work for big-box hardware stores, which have high shelves full of heavy objects.

Slipping and Falling – This is frequently considered its own legal category, but if you fall at your workplace, it may be easier to recover workers’ compensation than it would be to sue your employer.

Employee Overexertion – Maybe you were being pressured into overworking yourself by your boss, or maybe you just had an unrealistic view of your own limits. Either way, the result can be a grievous injury.

Automobile Accident – Many jobs involve driving vehicles. If you are struck by a reckless driver while on the job, you may qualify for workman’s comp, but you probably aren’t covered if you get in an accident while driving to work.

Physical Assault on a Work Site – If you get attacked by a co-worker and injured, workers’ compensation insurance will cover your medical bills and time off.

Occupational Diseases – If you work on a site that has asbestos or regularly exposes you to disease, you could contract something that puts you out of commission for an extended period of time.


The bureaucracy involved in many workers’ compensation cases can quickly become overwhelming, especially if you are still convalescing from your injury. Attorneys from Steinberg Law Firm can handle the difficult details for you and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve according to South Carolina state law.

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