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Construction Accidents in Charleston

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As our work accident lawyers have seen time and time again, a job in construction can be a dangerous way to make a living. A seemingly insignificant act of negligence on the part of a supervisor or co-worker can have life-changing consequences in an instant.

Victims of a construction accident normally qualify for workers’ compensation, but sometimes insurance companies refuse to pay up, or an employer may fail to classify the incident as an on-the-job accident. The workers’ compensation attorneys at Steinberg Law Firm are happy to help in such instances. Call us at 843-720-2800 for a free case review.


A construction accident qualifies you for workers’ compensation if it occurs in the course of your normal work duties. Liability typically doesn’t enter into a workers’ comp claim: you get paid the same amount no matter who was at fault or what caused the accident.

Common examples of construction accidents include:

These accidents can result in serious injury or even death for construction workers. In such cases, hiring a lawyer is a smart way to protect yourself against insurers or employers trying to take advantage of you during a vulnerable time.


If your employer agrees that your injury was work-related and gives you workers’ compensation, it is difficult to successfully pursue a lawsuit against them in most cases. However, other parties to the accident could potentially be found responsible for your injuries, and they are not shielded by workers’ compensation laws.

Some parties who may be partially liable for your accident:

If these or other parties caused your injury through direct action or negligence, you may have a lawsuit against them, and possibly their employers as well. Construction sites are busy places, with lots of people and equipment all working together, and it can be difficult to decide where the blame truly lies without some outside help.

The Steinberg Law Firm has the necessary legal experience with workers’ compensation and personal injury law to fight for your fair compensation under the law. When you have to depend on large and possibly dishonest companies for financial assistance you desperately need, it’s a good idea to have professionals in your corner, and we want to be the professionals who will help you get what you deserve.

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