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Yellow cab, or taxi, accidents occur in every city throughout the nation, and the laws concerning such accidents differ from one locality to the next, depending on the statute of limitations, local laws that govern the use of taxi cabs and protection of the rights of the customer, and the liability that is involved. It can present a challenge to decide who is liable for causing a yellow cab car accident.

In some instances, cab drivers own their cabs, in which case, they are entirely responsible for what occurred in a yellow cab car accident. An exception applies where the accident takes place due to a defective part or negligent repair. In this scenario, the part manufacturer or the mechanic who implemented the repairs could be held liable. In numerous cases, taxi drivers simply rent the cab from the cab company, and in the event of an accident, both the driver and company may be held responsible. There are a few instances where the cab companies own the vehicle, and hire the drivers. Liability would then lie with the cab company.

A yellow cab car accident could occur when the cab hits the car in which you are driving or riding in as a passenger. Or the cab in which you are a passenger could become involved in an accident that is either the fault of the cab driver or another motorist. In the first case, you will have to prove liability and damages. In the second, in which you are a passenger in a cab, and suffer injury in an accident, the principal issue will likely be the amount of damages. You would file a lawsuit against the yellow cab company or the operator of the other vehicle, or another guilty party.

The majority of states mandate that yellow cab drivers carry at least $250,000 to $500,000 of injury coverage per accident. However, this amount may be insufficient to cover catastrophic injuries.

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