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Why do I need to hire a lawyer experienced in construction issues?

Construction problems present complex issues, both legal issues and technical construction issues. It is very difficult, if not impossible, for a homeowner without a lawyer to have a fair shot when trying to get a builder to fix or pay for a problem in a home. Many of the larger builders in South Carolina are national companies. They have teams of lawyers experienced in the legal issues, construction professionals who understand the technical details, and architects and engineers who regularly provide them with expert opinions. Having a lawyer on your side levels the playing field and makes it possible for you to get everything you deserve as compensation for the builder’s mistakes.

Without a lawyer representing the homeowner, builders will engage in many different shady tactics, and homeowners are often unaware of the tricks the builder is using. Builders will present homeowners with releases or other agreements where the homeowner has to agree to waive any legal claims in exchange for the builder performing repair work. Builders will tell homeowners that problems are not covered by the builder’s warranty or the builder’s warranty has expired so the builder is under no obligation to do anything to fix the problem. Builders will tell homeowners that a problem isn’t really a problem and the work meets the industry requirements. Worst of all, builders will tell homeowners that a problem is the homeowner’s fault for failing to repair it earlier or failing to maintain the home. A lawyer can cut through the builder’s tactics and get homeowners what they deserve.

Elliotte Quinn, construction lawyer with the Steinberg Law Firm, defended several national homebuilders for a number of years before joining the firm. He handled multi-million dollar lawsuits for defects in tract home developments, in townhomes, and in condominium projects. He knows the tactics and tricks homebuilders use because he represented them. He also knows the ins and outs of how they operate their businesses, how they build homes and condos, and where their weaknesses are. He has participated in every aspect of homebuilders handling construction problems from responding to homeowner complaints about nail pops to a multi-million dollar condominium project defect trial.


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