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Dangerous Food Products

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The supermarket shelves are filled with new food items all the time. As a consumer, you expect that those products are safe and fresh when they are purchased. Unfortunately, people are injured or sickened by dangerous products every day in Charleston and across the country. Injuries from dangerous food products may be mild illness, but in some cases dangerous foods can be deadly.

If you have been injured by a dangerous food product or have suffered an illness caused by bad food, legal action is often the only way to seek justice. The Charleston dangerous food lawyers at the Steinberg Law Firm have the experience and the knowledge to help you with your claim. Call 843-720-2800 for a free case review from our legal team.


There are many ways that a food may become dangerous. Among the causes are:

Dangerous food products are more common than you may realize. It is estimated that foodborne illness will affect about 1 in 6 people in the U.S. each year. When a food product is the cause of injury or illness, hundreds of people may be harmed before the problem is identified and corrected.

At the Steinberg Law Firm, we have the experience needed to take on corporate food companies that produce dangerous products. If you have been hurt by dangerous food, Contact the Steinberg Law Firm today or call us at 843-720-2800 to schedule a free case evaluation with our experienced Charleston product liability attorneys.

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