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Traumatic Amputation Injuries

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Injuries resulting in the amputation of a body part, called “traumatic amputation injuries,” create a great deal of physical and emotional trauma for the victim. Often these injuries are the result of another party’s negligence. If you have suffered such an accident in South Carolina, finding a personal injury lawyer to represent you is a good first step toward getting compensation for your traumatic amputation.

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Not only do amputation injuries physically limit you for the rest of your life, they can also lead to mental trauma and identity issues, especially when the lost body part prevents you from returning to work. The amount of aftercare and therapy required to recover from both the physical and mental wounds is significant, and this should be covered by the party responsible for your condition.

Costs of treating a traumatic amputation injury include:

There are other, more difficult-to-define damages that should be taken into account as well. Losing a limb permanently reduces your ability to accomplish tasks you previously may have found easy to perform. The overall negative impact on your quality of life also needs to be accounted for, and the lawyers at Steinberg Law Firm know how to calculate this in a manner the court will accept.

Another important question to consider is how the accident happened. If your amputation happened in the course of performing your job duties, then in most cases (but not all) it would be handled through workers’ compensation. If it happened in a car accident or some other situation that had little to do with work, you would file a claim against the responsible party.

Whether your amputation happened as a result of a work related accident or the negligence of another party, Steinberg Law Firm is well-qualified to represent you. We have the experience and knowledge to determine whether your case falls under workers’ comp law, and we have access to experts who can figure out the party at fault in your personal injury case.

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