Tributes to our former leaders

Charles S. Goldberg

Charles S. Goldberg, Esq.


Born in Charleston on December 16, in 1933 the son of George and Jeannette Goldberg.  A first generation American he never forgot what his grandparents and parents endured to come to the United States.  He served his country honorably in the United States Army as Spec 4 during the Berlin Wall crisis and later as a commissioned Captain in the JAG corp.

Judge Hugo Spitz Steinberg Law Firm Charleston South Carolina

Judge Hugo Max Spitz

1927 – 2018

Judge Hugo Max Spitz will be remembered for many things by many people, but as a founding partner of the Steinberg Law Firm, he will be remembered by us for being a teacher and mentor. The values he instilled in us were to zealously represent our clients, honor our profession, and, most importantly, to give back to our community.