Personal Injury

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When people are searching for a law firm to help them, they should know that Steinberg Law Firm has experienced lawyers working as a team to ensure our clients make the recoveries that they should. — Attorney Steven E. Goldberg

Personal Injury

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When people are searching for a law firm to help them, they should know that Steinberg Law Firm has experienced lawyers working as a team to ensure our clients make the recoveries that they should. — Attorney Steven E. Goldberg

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We take representing injured South Carolinians seriously. Our team has deep roots in our community, and it is our job to help our injured neighbors recover and restore their lives.

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Representing Injured People Since 1927

South Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers Serving Charleston, Goose Creek, Summerville and all of South Carolina

The experienced personal injury attorneys at Steinberg Law Firm have honed their skills through years of trial litigation casework.

Whether the matter is a car accident injury, slip and fall, or other serious injury caused by another’s negligence, personal injury costs can be very high. As a law firm that has provided effective personal injury representation since 1927, the lawyers at Steinberg Law Firm are among the most experienced at helping accident victims in the Charleston Metropolitan Area and other South Carolina communities to recoup their financial losses and get the healing they need.

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What Our Clients Say:

I thank God for Attorney Michael Jordan. He did everything in his power to help me get my life back. I can say if it weren’t for the Steinberg Law Firm fighting for me, I wouldn’t have gotten the care I needed! I highly recommend them to anyone who needs a personal injury lawyer!
- Jermaine

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To learn more about personal injury claims, contact our experienced team of South Carolina personal injury attorneys.

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I’ve been hurt in an accident. Should I file a personal injury lawsuit?

While the decision to file a personal injury lawsuit depends on the specific circumstances surrounding your injury, a strong lawsuit can be very valuable in getting you the financial compensation that you deserve. When you consult with our injury lawyers, they will give you an honest assessment of your case and what to expect. Their guidance will be crucial in determining how you should move forward.

Most Common Personal Injuries in South Carolina

Car accident cases are the most common type of personal injury claim in Charleston and throughout South Carolina.

Other types of personal injuries that occur most frequently include:

Often, personal injuries occur due to someone else's negligence — and sometimes on purpose.

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Taking Legal Action

Hold Negligent Parties Accountable

Taking legal action to collect compensation for injuries suffered due to someone else

Negligence is one of the most common causes of personal injury lawsuits. It is defined as when a person or company acts in a way that is careless, causing injury to another. It implies that there was a duty of reasonable care owed that was not provided. Injuries due to negligence can include construction defects, improperly maintaining a property or vehicle, and driving while intoxicated.

Free Personal Injury Consultations

At Steinberg Law Firm we understand what it is like to suffer from injuries sustained in an accident, no matter where or why it happened. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Steinberg Law Firm have helped accident victims and their families recover more than $800 million in compensation.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

When personal injuries arise, they impact personal finances in many ways. When legal representation is needed, Steinberg Law Firm provides experienced personal injury attorneys to help with:

Car and vehicle accidents — This category includes large truck accidents and motorcycle accidents, as well as pedestrian and bicycle accidents.

Serious injury cases — Serious injury cases include head and spinal cord injuries, dog bites, and other personal injuries that may require hospitalization or surgery, or that cause permanent disability.

Premises Liability — Property owners have a responsibility to those who visit to maintain the premises. Common injuries occur due to slip, trip, and fall accidents, poor security, and dog bites.

Medical malpractice and nursing home abuse — When you or a loved one are treated negligently by those responsible for your care, the effects can be devastating.

Large truck accidents are particularly dangerous and can inflict costly casualties on victims. Large semi-trucks weigh several times more than standard passenger cars, have higher ground clearance, and require a great deal more stopping distance than a passenger car traveling at the same speed. That makes accidents with large trucks, such as tractor-trailers, particularly deadly and costly for accident victims.

Likewise, accidents involving motorcycles are particularly injurious and deadly for motorcycle riders and passengers. Other than helmets and other safety gear worn, motorcyclists and their passengers have very little protection in an accident. That means bikers suffer the worst of virtually any accident.

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Why Choose the Steinberg Law Firm

Injuries Can Have Lifetime Consequences

Every year, unintentional injuries cause more than 24 million doctor visits and over 97 million emergency visits according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Additionally, over 200,000 people die each year from unintentional injuries and violence. That adds up to about a tenth of the nation’s population every year suffering some form of personal injury that requires medical treatment or causes death. The most common injury-related cause of emergency room visits is unintentional falls, which also lead to over 42,000 fatalities in the U.S. every year. The second most common injury treated in emergency rooms was caused by motor vehicle accidents, which also lead to over 40,000 fatalities every year.

The cost of personal injuries in South Carolina

In 2019, the total cost of unintentional injuries in the U.S., including medical expenses, lost wages and productivity was over $1 trillion, according to the National Safety Council.

Sorting out which party is at fault and dealing with insurance adjusters is a taxing experience when recuperating from a bad accident. An experienced car accident injury attorney is a great asset when dealing with the aftermath. That is particularly true when the cause is disputed and both parties claim financial losses.

Let Us Handle the Insurance Companies

When personal injuries occur in South Carolina due to negligence, liable parties need to pay the costs of medical treatment and other financial losses.

Whether the issue is premises liability, such as a wet floor in a grocery store, or a defective product that causes injury or death, the cost of treating personal injuries can be great. Economic losses can include lost wages, medical treatment expenses and even the cost of a caretaker to assist with daily tasks.

Even doctors, professional caretakers, and entire facilities, such as nursing homes, can be liable for injuries and death arising from negligent acts. When loved ones suffer due to the negligent or even criminal acts done by those who are tasked with caring for them, the suffering is compounded. An experienced personal injury attorney can help hold liable parties accountable and prevent further abuses.

The Cost of Negligence Can Be High

At the Steinberg Law Firm, we can help you understand your legal options for recovery. We know that you prioritize the safety of your family and friends, and if one of your loved ones is involved in an accident due to another person’s negligence, our Charleston personal injury lawyers work to hold the responsible party legally accountable for all damages caused.

The Costs of Personal Injuries

The cost of injuries in South Carolina

In South Carolina, the economic loss caused by fatal car accidents including the cost of treating injuries, lost wages and property damage, totaled more than $4.7 billion in 2019, according to the South Carolina Traffic Collision Fact Book. Costs associated with treating injuries resulting from traffic accidents have risen millions of dollars in the last several years, as have the costs of treating injuries from other common causes.

Speeding and Driving Under the Influence

Driving too fast for road conditions accounted for the most fatal collisions in 2019, causing 217 deaths. That equals about 27 percent of all deadly accidents in South Carolina and illustrates the extent to which one driver’s bad judgment can kill. South Carolina’s Department of Public Safety also shows DUI drivers accounted for 210 deaths in the state, or 24 percent of the total.

THE Prevalence of Car Accidents

Among personal injury cases, car accidents account for the most claims and settlement payouts by those held liable. In South Carolina, there is one injury accident every 13.6 minutes, and one fatality every 8.7 hours. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates car accident fatalities inflict more than $55 billion in annual costs across the nation.

Costs of Fatal Accidents in South Carolina
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Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions

What Our Clients Say

They have amazing lawyers!

They have worked on an impossible situation and exceeded all expectations in the resulting settlements. I would recommend the Steinberg Law Firm to anyone and everyone!

My experience was excellent

From the first consultation to the end of my case I was kept updated step by step. My attorney worked hard for me and got me more than what I expected.

I never felt like I was alone

My lawyer and his Paralegal were right with me the entire case. I never felt like I was alone. At every turn they were in my corner. Someone recommended me to Steinberg law firm and I gladly would do the same for someone else.

I couldn't have asked for better

The people from the Steinberg group are top-notch. They handled my case extremely well, I couldn’t have asked for a better performance. Thank you all so much for all you did for me.

I am grateful for them!

At my worst, they honestly and carefully protected and defended my family on multiple levels. I’m a client for life and the integrity of this law firm is unmatched. Thank You Steinberg Law Family!!!

The people are thoughtful and professional

Questions and concerns always get answered and concerns are taken care of. Thank you all at Steinburg for a good experience and for showing me that you care about your clients.

The best law firm

This the best law firm anyone could ever deal with. Mr. Pearlman will work hard to get everything that is owed to you. It was a pleasure to have been represented by this firm.

A wonderful experience

Had a wonderful experience with Mr. Pearlman and his team. Thank you very much for your diligence and expertise.

I highly recommend them

They work as a team providing the best referrals and assistance to accomplish what my family and I needed. I highly recommend them because you won’t be disappointed.

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An experienced personal injury attorney helps victims and their families hold liable parties accountable. The high cost of treating personal injuries makes it important for those responsible to pay the costs that otherwise might bankrupt accident victims and greatly disrupt their standard of living. A consultation with our attorneys can help clear up any issues and provide real hope for those dealing with the high costs of deadly and injurious accidents. Contact the Steinberg Law Firm today.

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