Motorcycle Accidents

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We want to make sure that we're not just protecting the person who got hurt. We're protecting their entire family.
- Attorney Michael Jordan

Motorcycle Accidents

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We want to make sure that we're not just protecting the person who got hurt. We're protecting their entire family.
- Attorney Michael Jordan

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Motorcycle Accident Case

South Carolina Motorcycle Accident Attorney

When someone else’s negligence has contributed to your motorcycle accident, you can hold them financially responsible for your injuries and pain.

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Although motorcyclists are more likely to be injured or killed in an accident than occupants of cars, they are often not the cause of the wreck.

A motorcycle accident can change your life through no fault of your own. Hiring a skilled motorcycle accident attorney who will compassionately fight for your best interests can help you rebuild your life and move toward recovery.

Filling a claim after a motorcycle accident has a statute of limitations. In South Carolina, all motorcycle personal injury claims must be filed within three years of the date of injury or death, so taking action quickly is important.

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How long do I have to file a personal injury claim after a motorcycle accident in South Carolina?

To seek compensation for injuries and damages from a motorcycle accident, an injured victim may file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party. Under South Carolina law the injured party has three years from the date of the personal injury incident to file a lawsuit for damages. If a lawsuit is not filed before the three-year deadline, one cannot be filed for that incident.

Recovering Damages After a Motorcycle Crash

Motorcyclists involved in an accident and who survive their injuries may be compensated for:

  • Emotional distress
  • Disfigurement
  • Medical costs (medication, rehabilitation, disability care)
  • Physical impairment
  • Pain/suffering
  • Lost income (present/future losses)
  • Loss of companionship/society
  • Loss consortium
  • Property damage to personal property and/or motorcycle
  • Funeral/burial costs as a result of a fatal accident (family)
  • Possible punitive damages

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Careless drivers of trucks and automobiles while around motorcycles can result in a collision causing catastrophic injuries or death. If the negligent driver caused the accident, they may be held responsible/liable for the victim's losses. In addition to losses related to your recovery, punitive damages may be awarded in the case of a motorcycle accident plaintiff if they were harmed as the result of reckless, willful, or wanton conduct on the part of the defendant. Punitive damages are limited in South Carolina to triple the damages awarded for economic loss or $500,000 – whichever is greater.

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Our lawyers know that the recovery process can be time consuming, stressful and expensive.

At Steinberg Law Firm we understand what it is like to suffer from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident, no matter where or why it happened. We are here to listen to your story and find out how we can help you obtain fair and equitable compensation for your injuries.

What Causes Motorcycle Accidents?

There are a number of reasons why motorcycle accidents happen and many of them are not the fault of the biker. In South Carolina in particular, the highways and byways are poorly maintained and infrequently repaired and are a common cause of motorcycle accidents.

Negligent drivers are also one of the main reasons motorcyclists are involved in collisions. Often drivers do not see bikers due to their narrow profile, do not check their blind spots, do not give bikers enough room while on the road, and often turn right in front of an oncoming biker.

Careless drivers cause many motorcycle collisions, resulting in catastrophic injuries or death. If the negligent driver caused the accident, they may be held responsible/liable for the victim’s losses.

According to the “Hurt Report,” the main cause of accidents involving motorcycles is the failure of drivers to recognize motorcycles on the road. In other words, 66 percent of all motorcycle and automobile collisions happen because the vehicle driver violates the biker’s right of way. One of the most common accidents for motorcyclists is having a car turn left right in front of them. There is no way a biker can avoid a collision in those circumstances other than laying the bike down, which may still result in serious injuries or death.

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The Seriousness of Motorcycle Accidents

Although motorcycles represent freedom on the open road, riders have little protection if they are involved in a crash.

Motorcyclists are 25 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash. Furthermore, motorcycle accidents amount to 7.7 percent of all traffic fatalities. South Carolina alone witnesses over 100 motorcycle fatalities yearly and approximately 2,500 riders are injured in crashes. Nationwide, over 5,000 motorcyclists die each year with tens of thousands injured.

Preliminary figures for 2020 show there were 116 motorcycle fatalities in South Carolina. In 2019 there were 2,098 collisions in total with 1,577 injuries and 123 people killed. As of 2019, there were 116,510 motorcycles registered in the state, a number expected to increase each year. Statistics show that almost five motorcycle accidents happen every day.

Motorcycle accident statistics in South Carolina

Most accidents involving a motorcycle happen on a short trip and are likely to happen within a short period of time, close to the trip origin.

Head injuries are common in motorcycle crashes and extremely serious. Wearing a helmet is the only, and best way, to prevent or lessen head injuries or death. However, it is also a matter of personal choice. South Carolina law does not make helmets mandatory. The state only mandates helmets with reflectors on both sides for bikers under the age of 21.

South Carolina Helmet Laws

Head Injuries from South Carolina Motorcycle Accidents

One of the worst injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident is traumatic brain injury (TBI). Traumatic brain injury is the leading cause of death for bikers. Seventy-four percent of bikers who died after a crash had sustained a TBI.

Traumatic brain injury cases can be difficult to prove. In fact, brain injuries are sometimes referred to as a "silent epidemic" because symptoms can be so varied and difficult to detect. People who have suffered a TBI after a motorcycle accident may appear normal, speak well and show no outward signs of a TBI. But that does not mean the injury does not exist.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Over 90 percent of motorcycle deaths involve males.

An ER visit after a motorcycle collision costs, on average, $4,901, and the average cost of a stint in hospital for an individual involved in a motorcycle accident is approximately $78,825.

A significant number of motorcycle crashes happen in April and May. In the summer months, nearly 57 percent of accidents occur on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Intersections are a likely place for motorcycle accidents, with the other vehicle often violating traffic lights/signs and the motorcycle's right-of-way.

There are 15.9 fatalities for every 10,000 registered motorcycles. Roughly one-fourth of motorcycle accidents are single-vehicle collisions involving a collision with the roadway or a fixed object. Almost 50 percent of fatal motorcycle accident of motorcycle accidents involved alcohol.

South Carolina Motorcycle Accident Injury Statistics

Speed is less prominent in motorcycle accidents than you might expect. The median speed prior to a collision was 29.8 mph, and the median crash speed was 21.5 mph.

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At Steinberg Law Firm we understand what it is like to suffer from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident, no matter where or why it happened. We are here to hear your story and find out how we can help you obtain fair and equitable compensation for your injuries.

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If you or a loved one has been a victim of a motorcycle accident, we do not advise that you try to handle the insurance companies yourself. They have teams of lawyers, adjusters and investigators working against you to try to pay you as little as possible on your claim. Contact the motorcycle lawyers at Steinberg Law Firm today.

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