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Attorney Tom White and Susan Rienzo were very helpful right from the start. Without hesitation or confusion, they answered all of the questions I asked them. I have, and I will continue to recommend them to anyone who may need a lawyer.


Steven, you stood by me, making sure the insurance company did not take advantage of me. My sincerest gratitude. Outstanding work.


In my most desperate uncertain time of need, The Steinberg Law firm was there reassuring me everything would be okay. They worked promptly and diligently on my case. They  never left me wondering where we stood with our case. They were extremely polite, and treated me so kind. The staff and Attorney’s are amazing in every location!!!


I am very pleased with my experience. I have, and will continue to recommend The Steinberg Law Firm. They have worked very hard on my behalf.



Thank you for all your work regarding my Workers Compensation Case. I appreciate it very much. The final outcome is such a blessing to me .


Definitely not the Status Quo Law Firm.

Great Staff! They were professional, warm, and efficient. Michael Jordan was clear and available to answer any questions we had about our case.

I would work with them again if needed.  Thank you for the help


Attorney Catie Meehan was on top of everything! She always kept me informed on what was going on.

I didn’t know what to do or who to call, but I see I did the right thing by choosing The Steinberg Law Firm to help me with my Workman’s Comp problem.

Thank you !


I hired Mr. Tom White to handle my Workers Comp Case, which he did excellently. He was very thorough, professional, and made me feel at ease through out the entire process. I have no hesitation in recommending  The Steinberg Law Firm to anyone.


Dear Kelly, Thank- you for all you have done on my behalf. I will never forget it, or you.

Thank you again!

Actual Client

The staff at Steinberg Lawfirm was amazing. This was my first experience needing legal assistance; my anxiety levels were high. They were patient and informative as they walked me through my process. Thank you for making one of the most scariest and stressful situations of my life a little easier and less intimidating. Thanks MJ, my true MVP.


Awesome law firm. Very knowledgeable, they make you feel like family and do the best they can to help you!


I would recommend Steinberg Law Firm to anyone. Our experience with them has been both professional & pleasant. A firm that treats you like they sincerely care about what’s best for you and help guide you in that direction. Thank you Tom & Rebecca for all that you do. Forever grateful.


I was very happy with the service and attention I received from both you and Tom White in regard to my SS Disability case. Both of you were always very helpful, informative, and understanding during the long process. I will highly recommend the Steinberg Law Firm to anyone in need of an attorney.


Attorney Akery and legal staff were amazing and attentive to my needs. They insured that I got the medical treatment I needed to return my life back to normal as much as possible.


Kind, compassionate and attentive to my needs during an extremely troubling hardship is how every professional at the Steinberg Law Firm. I couldn’t be happier with my results and consider several employees as personal friends. I do not hesitate to recommend them and although I truly hope I never am in need of their services, they will be the office I call if the unforeseen should besmirch me again.


Steinberg Law Firm is the best of the best! Mr. Holmes, his team, and Mrs. Haynes are delightful, considerate, and undoubtedly some of the finest in their field! Based on my experience, Mr. Holmes gave me his great expertise on the first day I encountered him. I did not feel any pressure and I believe that Mr. Holmes had my best interest. I knew I was in good hands. I was with an outstanding selfless team! I highly recommend Steinberg Law Firm because when Mr. Holmes represent you, I truly believe that you will receive great result.


When I was injured I knew immediately I needed someone that would have the experience and the know how to get me medical treatment and other things to make sure that I could make it through and be looked out for. Their tv commercial caught my attention because I saw the sincerity in their tone and the message was clear so I called them and I was seen on a Saturday and haven’t look back since. I would have to say that Mr. David Pearlman and Staff at the Steinberg Law Firm has been phenomenal in helping assist me with my case. It has not been one time that I have felt abandoned, lost or had questions that didn’t get answered immediately. Mr. Pearlman always moved my case along and kept me in the loop on everything and in the end I was able to make a sound decision concerning the best interest of my family without any haste or etc. I would highly recommend Mr. David Pearlman and the Steinberg Law firm to anyone that needs legal advice and or Workers Compensation representation. The Steinberg Law Firm greets you with a warm good morning on the telephone by Tammy and one of the best things that I really appreciated was attorney Mr. David Pearlman knew my name and I felt like family. To Mr. Pearlman, Mrs. Shannon, the entire staff thanks for everything and God bless..


Dave Pearlman represented me in my Workers Compensation Case. There were times i would have a question and send him a email after normal work hours and he would respond back to me that night. Sometimes even at 10:00 at night. He listened to what i wanted and fought hard to get me what i got. I would recommend Dave Pearlman and his staff at Steinberg Law Firm for Workers Compensation Cases.

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