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The Steinberg Law firm is an excellent firm to be represented by. Mr. David Pearlman was patient and thorough with me throughout the entire case. I recommend them strongly.


Thomas White and Susan Rienzo were very helpful and treated both myself and my wife with respect. They answered all of our questions and helped us think about other things that we did not think of. Very thorough and professional without being obnoxious. Glad to have worked with them and would do so again without hesitation in the future.


Like most people, I never expected that I would need legal representation. After talking with Elliotte about our experience, we knew he was going to be the help we needed. Over the next few weeks and months, Elliotte never lost focus and provided us with excellent representation, guidance, and advice. He exemplifies the perfect combination of care, trust, professionalism, and toughness.


Very Happy with Steinburg Law Firm.  I found them to be a professional and caring Firm. Tom White was my attorney, and would highly recommend this firm. Thank you Tom.


I had much support from my lawyer Benjamin Akery and Amanda. They helped me get my treatments. I really recommend excellent attention with all my cases, and also with the support of Mrs. Olga. First Class lawyer.


Thanks for the support and help you gave me when I needed it… All the time putting priority to my case that was very good on their part, I hope that the Latino community can reach you as I did and in the same way you can help them with their cases as you did with me. Everything was a success 👏 again thanks! 🙏


I was introduced to the Law firm by my daughter and everything she said about them is priceless. They go the extra mile to ensure that they represent you to the fullest. The staff is extraordinary and their care and concern is truly appreciated. Thank you!!!


I would never seek help from any other Lawyers or Firm! The lawyers and their staff are very professional, caring about your situation! They are one of a kind! I put my trust in Mr. White and would do it again hands down! Thank you Mr. White! The Steinberg Law Firm is the only place to get professional help. Get this Firm behind you and you will never be sorry!


Great experience. Ben Akery was easy to talk with and took his time explaining every aspect of my situation. He offered easy to understand advice, and appeared genuinely concerned as he assisted me with making sound decisions.


Tom White and his team were very knowledgeable about everything pertaining to my situation and as well kept me advised and updated along the way. I am grateful for their assistance , and 100% recommend them.


You have opened my eyes up to want to help other people. So thank you so much for all that you do. I know I will use you again when I move back to South Carolina, and I will be letting my family and friends know to use you.

Actual Client

Tom White was very professional and walked me through every step of the process, keeping me informed and educated on everything! I highly recommend him and his staff, and I’m very grateful for his assistance in my case


David Pearlman and his team were always helpful and courteous. It was a difficult and sometimes frustrating time for me personally, However, I knew the wheels continued to turn at Steinberg law firm. I felt like I was treated fairly and that my questions were answered in a timely manner. I knew David Pearlman was always in my corner. He has the experience and knowledge to get things done.

My experience with the Steinberg Law Firm was a good one. They went to great lengths to making sure that I receive the appropriate help that I needed and deserved. I appreciate their services and expertise. I would recommend the Steinberg Law Firm to everyone.


Mr. Tom White handled my case and provided me with excellent (professional) representation. I would definitely recommend Mr. White and Steinberg Law Firm to anyone in need of legal assistance.


If you are looking for professional legal assistance without all the 99999 type of hype Steinberg Law is the place. Mr Pearlman from the beginning consultation was open and frank addressing the strengths and concerns of my case, he and his staff committed to the fight and reached a fair settlement. I appreciate their efforts and their professionalism and fully recommended their firm.


Mr. White was wonderful in helping me. I will recommend The Steinberg Law Firm to everyone!

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