Nursing Home Abuse

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When people are searching for a law firm to help them, they should know that Steinberg Law Firm has experienced lawyers working as a team to ensure our clients make the recoveries that they should. — Attorney Steven E. Goldberg

Nursing Home Abuse

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When people are searching for a law firm to help them, they should know that Steinberg Law Firm has experienced lawyers working as a team to ensure our clients make the recoveries that they should. — Attorney Steven E. Goldberg

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Nursing Home Abuse Case

Charleston, South Carolina Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Our experienced nursing home abuse lawyers are committed to protecting vulnerable seniors from mistreatment and helping their families get the support they need.

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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Representing Charleston and Nearby Areas of South Carolina

To discover that a loved one has been hurt or neglected in a nursing home is to know a deep betrayal. You will need help immediately correcting the situation and holding the abusers responsible. Our experienced nursing home abuse lawyers are committed to protecting vulnerable seniors from mistreatment and helping their families overcome the complicated emotions that accompany such a huge breach of trust.

Nursing homes should be a place in which individuals can receive the care and treatment they need to live happily and comfortably. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse or neglect can be a serious threat to the health and well-being of elderly residents. Our clients choose the nursing home abuse lawyers of Steinberg Law Firm because we fight aggressively on behalf of seniors and their families.

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My lawyer at the Steinberg Law Firm has truly been my rock. I placed all my trust in him and his decisions. He truly cares about his clients. He was very straightforward and explained things to the fullest. He never failed to return a phone call or work me in. God Blessed me with this extraordinary group of people, and I will always be Thankful. - Susan

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Mistreatment takes many forms, but one thing is certain: no amount of abuse should be tolerated.

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How do I prove my family member is being abused?

Nearly ten percent of seniors in nursing homes or assisted living facilities are abused in some way every year. Many facilities work hard to disguise negligence or abuse, and many residents have cognitive difficulties that can make their testimonies suspect. Thorough documentation of injuries, health complications, and any signs of an unclean or unsafe environment are vital to pursuing justice.

Recovering Damages for Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse can take many different forms, but in all circumstances, those who cause injury need to be held accountable for violating residents’ rights. If a loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse in South Carolina, the attorneys at the Steinberg Law Firm know how hard it can be to come to terms with what has happened. We work tirelessly on behalf of our clients to pursue justice and bring an end to abuse in these unimaginable situations.

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Our Nursing Home Abuse Practice Areas

The attorneys of the Steinberg Law Firm can assist clients in nursing home abuse cases involving:

  • Physical Abuse — including hitting, slapping, handling roughly, or especially in nursing homes, the improper use of physical, medical, and chemical restraints to subdue a patient unnecessarily.
  • Emotional Abuse — including yelling, threatening, humiliation, isolation, insulting, and cursing at an elderly person.
  • Financial Abuse — including theft of personal property or cash, fraud, identity theft, coercion to alter wills, or other important legal documents.
  • Neglect — including withholding food or water, poor hygiene, failure to administer medication, and improper medical care such as not moving the person to prevent bedsores or sepsis.
  • Sexual Abuse — involves nonconsensual sexual contact. This can include coercion to make someone incapable of true consent to engage in sexual acts or touching.

Mistreatment takes many forms. Even when the definitions of what constitutes nursing home abuse are unclear, one thing is not: no amount of abuse should be tolerated. When the professionals who have been trusted to care for their patients as their own family fail to do so, the damage is especially difficult to understand.

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Nursing Home Abuse Case
Nursing Home Abuse Case
FAQ: How Do I get Medical Records for a Nursing Home Abuse Claim?
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Our Senior Population is Increasing

Nursing Home Abuse by the Numbers

The population of Americans over age 65 is the largest its ever been and projected to grow.

According to the last census, there are more than 54 million people who are age 65 and older in the United States. It is estimated that this number will rise and that 20 percent of Americans will be age 65 or older by 2050.

Nearly ten percent of seniors in nursing homes or assisted living facilities will be abused in some way every year. Many of those victims are especially vulnerable to mistreatment, and the people who cause them harm use that to their advantage. A report from a Congressional committee showed that one in three nursing home facilities had been cited for violations that were potentially harmful to residents. Ten percent had serious infractions that had caused harm or death to residents.

South Carolina nursing home abuse facts

Residents are less likely to be abused if relatives or friends check in on them regularly.

It can be challenging for many reasons to see the signs in your loved ones when they are being mistreated. Distance or other situations could potentially prevent regular visits, and some signs of harm can easily be missed. The elderly individual may also be afraid to say anything about the abuse for fear of retaliation, loss of care, or legal action against their caretaker if they are a loved one.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Communication issues can also prevent an elderly individual from being able to speak up.

One of the most significant indicators of neglect and abuse is bedsores. If the individual is confined to bed and does not move, bedsores, or pressure ulcers, develop. These can become infected and even lead to death. Other common signs of nursing home abuse include:

  • Anxiety or depression
  • Poor hygiene
  • Malnourishment or weight loss
  • Unsanitary living conditions
  • Fear of caregivers and nursing home staff
  • Changes in mannerisms or disposition
  • Unusual financial transactions or purchases
  • Bruises, cuts, broken bones, and other unexplainable physical injuries
  • Signs of overmedication, like trouble staying awake

Be Aware of Your Loved One’s Health

Because nursing home abuse is an unfortunately common occurrence, staying aware of the well-being of elderly loved ones is the best way to protect them. Even if face-to-face visits are difficult or not possible, regular check-ins with the elderly person and the staff can help catch signs of mistreatment.

Facing Nursing Home Abuse

If a loved one has been abused by the people entrusted to care for them, it is essential to act, even if it is difficult to do so.

Most importantly, be sure that the senior who is being hurt is safe from the person or people perpetrating the abuse.

Taking action against the facility where the harm occurred is the next step. There are authorities to which incidents of nursing home abuse should be reported. It is also important to contact an attorney with experience in elder abuse cases.

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They have worked on an impossible situation and exceeded all expectations in the resulting settlements. I would recommend the Steinberg Law Firm to anyone and everyone!

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What Our Attorneys Can Do For You

At the Steinberg Law Firm, we are committed to getting the victims of nursing home abuse, and others who have been injured, the financial compensation they deserve. We have recovered over $800 million for our clients, including a $250,000 settlement in a nursing home abuse case handled by the firm's attorneys.

If a loved one has suffered from nursing home abuse or neglect, we can help fight to protect them and bring an end to the suffering they, and possibly others, have experienced. Please contact the Steinberg Law Firm today by calling (843) 720-2800 to speak with a qualified legal professional and learn more about what our experienced South Carolina nursing home abuse attorneys are prepared to do.

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