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Injuries Associated with Slip and Fall Accidents

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While cartoon characters who slip and fall may prompt much laughter in a watching audience, such accidents are no laughing matter in the real world. Fall-related accidents can be painful, and may even have devastating consequences. When a property owner or the proprietor of a business establishment fails to observe and eliminate slip and trip hazards, then he or she may be held legally liable for the consequences of any accidents that result.

If you have slipped or tripped and fallen on another party’s property, then you may be able to pursue financial compensation for injuries sustained. To determine whether you may have sufficient cause to file a civil lawsuit, contact the skilled and experienced Charleston premises liability lawyers of the Steinberg Law Firm at 843-720-2800 to discuss the specific details of your situation.


Common slip and fall injuries may include:

The extent of damage inflicted by a slip and fall accident depends on a variety of different factors that are likely to vary considerably from case to case. Falls from elevation, for example, will typically cause more serious injuries than those which occur on one level, and falls which occur in the vicinity of structures or objects that may increase the risk of blunt force trauma are often worse than those that do not.


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