Are South Carolina's School Buses Safe?


Are South Carolina's School Buses Safe?

Last week, a South Carolina school bus full of children collided with an 18-wheeler in Aiken County, killing a four-year-old student and injuring the driver and raising questions about the vehicles' safety. Since then, the state has undergone an inspection of its fleet of school buses for an entirely different incident, after a school bus caught fire in the district parking lot.

What is the reason for these repeated incidents? It could be a coincidence, but it's worth mentioning that The Post and Courier recently reported that the state legislature rejected a tax hike intended to improve the state's aging school bus fleet.

This incident is an example of the sort of complicated questions of fault and damages raised by an auto accident case. Who is ultimately at fault for the child's death and the injuries sustained by other passengers: The driver of the truck? The driver of the bus? The state of South Carolina, for failing to maintain its vehicle fleet? Legal decisions are often based off official reports, but those reports tend to have conflicts and may only look at the basic causes (determining which driver was at fault) without considering larger questions (whether the bus had sufficiently modern safety features, like seat belts).

The complicated legal framework behind this terrible tragedy is one reason you want an attorney when dealing with any auto accident or wrongful death case. At Steinberg Law Firm, we know how to gather evidence in these cases and present it at a trial or a settlement. Don't be dealing with injuries, grief, and legal issues all at the same time- let the truck accident lawyers at Steinberg Law Firm help with the load.

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