Attorney Michael Jordan Settles Complicated Injury Case


Attorney Michael Jordan Settles Complicated Injury Case

Recently, Attorney Michael Jordan settled a very complicated claim for $1,000,000.00 for a client that was injured when he was struck by a tractor trailer.

His client worked as a laborer for a large company and enjoyed his work. Like most people, the client’s job was part of his livelihood and he took pride in what he did to support his family. However, an unfortunate turn of events changed everything.

In February of 2013, Mr. Jordan’s client was directing traffic on an off ramp of the interstate while co-workers painted lines on the roads. While standing within the designated work boundaries, the client was struck by a tractor-trailer that also struck a vehicle after running him over.

Mr. Jordan’s client was transported by EMS to the hospital where it was determined he had suffered multiple severe injuries and fractures. Over the next few years, he underwent 7 surgeries to try and get back the full mobility that he once had. Unfortunately, it was determined that Mr. Jordan’s client would need extensive future medical treatment and would not be able to perform any other job that required manual labor.

The tractor-trailer’s insurance tried to deny the claim by saying that the work area was not properly set up for the passing of vehicles. However, it was clear that the cones on the road were properly set up because all other vehicles, including tractor-trailers just like the one that hit the client, had passed through with no problems.

Mr. Jordan fought hard for his client to prove that this case showed clear liability and that his client was not in the wrong. Not only was his client not at fault, but he had suffered many injuries that left him unable to ever do manual labor work ever again. Life for this client would forever be changed.  

In the end, Mr. Jordan pushed hard and came out on top for his client with a $1,000,000 settlement showing that with a diligent and determined attorney, anything is possible, even when the insurance company is being less than cooperative. 

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