NE Dog Trainer Files Lawsuit

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Rena Blackwell, a dog trainer living in North Platte, Nebraska, has filed a personal injury lawsuit against her client Gail Setliff. The suit claims that Setliff failed to warn Blackwell about the potentially dangerous nature of her pet Rottweiler, Molly, when she enrolled Molly in one of Blackwell’s obedience courses. According to Blackwell and other witnesses, she was bending down to pet Molly when the dog suddenly attacked, leaping forward and biting her on the face. Her lower lip was nearly torn in half and required over 70 stitches.

Molly has been declared potentially dangerous by the local government, meaning that Setliff will have to place warning signs on her property and keep a muzzle on her dog whenever they are outdoors. In addition to these measures, Blackwell’s suit is requesting $11,857.90 to cover her medical expenses.

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Updated on February 24, 2022

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