Nursing Home Abuse and Adult Protective Services


Nursing Home Abuse and Adult Protective Services

The elderly are some of the most vulnerable members of society. When your family member has to live in a nursing home, you want to make sure that the home will care for them appropriately. If you suspect they may be the victim of nursing home abuse, in South Carolina your first step should be to call Adult Protective Services.

Adult Protective Services frequently work as first responders to claims of abuse in nursing homes, and they can be called by a concerned family member or by law enforcement as part of an investigation. If you are worried about ongoing abuse, you can call them to intervene and remove your family member from the situation.

Adult Protective Services can also provide the following services upon removing your family member:

  • Secure medical services
  • Arrange for new living quarters
  • Obtain financial benefits to which they are entitled
  • Secure supplies and other services

These can all make the process of removing your family member from the home easier. However, Adult Protective Services is NOT your only recourse when a family member is being abused by a nursing home. You can, and should, attempt to obtain compensation for their suffering with a nursing home abuse lawsuit.

Steinberg Law Firm's nursing home abuse lawyers have the professional experience necessary to handle your case, and they know how to gather evidence, build a case, and obtain compensation from at-fault nursing homes. To schedule a free case review with Steinberg, contact us at 843-720-2800. We serve clients in Charleston and throughout the state of South Carolina.

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