Who Chooses the Doctor in a Worker’s Compensation Claim?

Millions of people in South Carolina get injured at work every day. After getting injured on the job or becoming sick, the employee may not be able to work. To get compensation for your injuries you may file a worker’s compensation claim. However, you may not be able to choose the doctor who will treat you.

What is worker’s compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that compensates your wages and provides medical benefits to you when you are injured at work. Additional benefits you may be able to receive include:

  • Medical treatment
  • Paid leave from work
  • Disability benefits
  • Rehabilitation

Workers’ compensation benefits are paid by a private insurance company or a state-run fund. The Department of Labor does not handle workers' compensation cases relating to private employers.

South Carolina worker’s compensation laws and doctors

South Carolina law requires businesses with four or more employees to have workers’ compensation insurance. This number includes part-time employees. If you are injured or become sick on the job, you may file a workers’ compensation claim. However, the statute of limitations for you to file a claim is very short.

Under the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission, after your injury or sickness at work, you have 90 days to report the incident. This why it is imperative to report your injury immediately to the appropriate person at your job. Additionally, you have 2 years from your injury to file your workers’ compensation claim.

To further support your workers’ compensation benefits claim you must be able show medical records of your injury or illness. To receive workers' compensation you are required to see a doctor chosen by your employer's workers' compensation insurance. You can request a second opinion by doctor of your choosing however, your employers insurance carries has to agree. You can also request a hearing to determine if you can receive a second opinion.

The workers’ compensation claims process may be time-consuming. With deadlines, paperwork and complex laws, you should hire an experienced attorney to handle your claim.

Hiring an attorney

If you were injured or became ill because of your job, contact an experienced South Carolina worker’s compensation attorney today at Steinberg Law Firm at (843) 720-2800. To learn more about workers' compensation visit our website at https://www.steinberglawfirm.com/

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