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Language disorders are serious concerns when a person sustains trauma to the brain from an accident or due to a health complication such as a stroke. Specifically, aphasia, which can threaten a person’s ability to create or receive meaningful language, can be a particularly destructive disorder to develop due to to brain damage. Without the ability to produce fluent language or comprehend another person’s speech, problems can arise between personal and business relationships.

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Between the many different forms of aphasia, each distinctive in its symptoms and effects, there are two primary forms that describe the major problems associated with this disorder. With aphasia, a person is made unable to produce or recognize the code of language, making communication strained or altogether impossible. The following are major symptoms of aphasia:

Very generally, Broca’s aphasia is known as aphasia that makes producing language extremely difficult. On the other end of this disorder, Wernicke’s aphasia impedes a person’s ability to comprehend language, as if they did not speak the language at all.


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