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Boat Accident Factors

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For some Americans, boats are an integral part of life. Whether they are fishermen, sailors, or they just use boats to get around, these people spend hours each day on waters that, in the wrong circumstances, can be less than forgiving. Whether from a storm or because of an operator’s inability to safely control the vehicle, boating accidents can cause a great deal of suffering and misery to those caught in the path of destruction.

Boating injuries can seriously affect your ability to work or participate in daily activities. Contact the Charleston boat accident attorneys of the Steinberg Law Firm at 843-720-2800 to discuss the details of your claim with a legal professional. Let our experience and knowledge come to your assistance today.


Considering that boating accidents encompass a wide range of vehicles and locations, ranging from small personal watercraft to massive ocean tankers, the factors apparent in accidents can include:

Naturally, it is unlikely that a small personal watercraft would suffer the same sort of large-scale, cataclysmic damages that a large cruise ship or tanker would, but these accidents can still cause life-threatening injuries. Likewise, a large ship may be more likely to be on choppy ocean waters that can cause necessary parts to fail.


Although necessary for some professions and otherwise enjoyable for vacationers, boating can be very dangerous. If you have been injured because of a faulty watercraft or because of an operator’s negligence, contact the Charleston boat accident lawyers of the Steinberg Law Firm by calling 843-720-2800 for a free consultation today.

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