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Dangers of Electrocution

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Electrocution is a serious yet unfortunately common injury that is often sustained while on the job, such as with occupations in construction, demolition, and manufacturing. Electrocution can lead to serious injuries and even permanent disabilities, preventing a worker’s ability to return to work. When this happens, workers may worry about how to pay for medical bills and even regular expenses. However, workers’ compensation can help.

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Electrocution can cause many devastating injuries. In general, the severity of damage depends on the level of current, the length of time a person remains in contact with the current, and the type of contact with the current. Some of the common outcomes associated with electrocution include:

Besides the contact with the electricity itself, electrocution can cause other traumatic injuries because it can sometimes force a person to fall. For instance, if a utility worker is on a telephone pole and suffers an electrocution, the force of the electricity can cause him or her to fall to the ground, potentially causing head or spine injuries, among other things.


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