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Fetal Scalp Electrode Monitoring Problems

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A mother may require significant assistance during delivery from an attending physician. In order to make an accurate assessment of what treatment to pursue, a physician should gather as much relevant information regarding the child’s health as can be reasonably expected. In order to gather this information, a physician can employ a device known as a fetal scalp electrode.

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A scalp electrode is placed on the child’s scalp while they are still in the womb. This electrode can then send information regarding the child’s health, specifically telling the doctor the child’s heart rate. This can help the physician establish a better understanding of what methods may be most appropriate and whether medical emergencies warrant urgent response.

If a doctor does not use a monitoring device and therefore fails to fully appreciate the nature of the child’s condition, the following health problems may arise for that child:

These injuries may have a permanent effect on a child’s life, requiring long-term treatment.


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