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First Aid for Chemical Burns

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Chemical burns are not just a risk in laboratories or industrial workspaces. They can be caused by contact with common household cleaners, swimming pool chlorine, and construction materials. A quick and knowledgeable response to a chemical burn can save a person from painful or even fatal injuries.

Injuries like chemical burns are usually preventable. Unfortunately, people are not always willing to take the right steps to keep others safe. If you or someone you love has suffered a chemical burn due to another party’s negligence, call the Steinberg Law Firm at 843-720-2800 to discuss South Carolina law with an experienced Charleston chemical burn injury attorney.


To help someone who is suffering from a chemical burn, it is important to:

You should call 911 if:

Even if emergency treatment is not needed, you may want to call Poison Control or a doctor. It is always a good idea to have a chemical burn checked by a medical professional.


If your or your loved one’s burn was caused by a negligent company, property owner, or other party, you could be eligible for compensation. To learn more, contact a Charleston chemical burn attorney by calling the Steinberg Law Firm at 843-720-2800.

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