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Hazardous Food Containers

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As with other industries, cost concerns are an issue for the food industry. As much as many restaurant owners would prefer to produce high-quality food and ignore overhead costs, the price of running a successful business has never been particularly cheap. When cutting costs, owners can hire fewer cooks, use less expensive ingredients, or even use cheaper boxes and cups to serve food. While it seems like a simple solution, the wrong box or cup can prove extremely dangerous to consumers, potentially causing a wide range of health problems.

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Toxic containers affect consumers in a number of different ways, and can release chemicals under different circumstances. For instance, some boxes or cups may release dangerous chemicals through heat, while others may not. The kind of bodily harm these chemicals can potentially cause includes:

Many times, the affected areas of the body may not be able to heal the damage done by these chemicals, or the treatments may be very harsh. In the case of cancer-causing agents in these materials, the consequences for toxicity in food containers can be life-threatening.


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