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Infections from Animal Attacks

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The mouths of animals are breeding grounds for bacteria. This is why medical professionals take animal bites incredibly seriously. While rabies is a very well-known concern, there are several other types of infections and diseases that can be transmitted from wild animals and house pets like dogs and cats.

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When an animal bites a human, the most obvious concern remains the high amount of tissue damage that can be suffered by the victim. For dogs, this often appears in the form of broken bones and damage to deeper tissues. For cats, their sharp teeth can more easily puncture skin, increasing infection rates. Either way, the bacteria
transmitted through a bite can lead to serious illness. The following infections are often cited following an animal attack:

These infections have a higher chance of developing into serious medical problems if a person is bit in the hand, which is among the most common bite areas. The hand, which has little protection in terms of muscle and thick tissue layers, can prove an easy site for infections to reach relatively shallow blood vessels.


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