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Violation of Patient Privacy Laws

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An ill or injured person is supposed to be able to enjoy legally-protected privacy when they seek treatment. However, physicians and other medical care providers do not always follow these doctor-patient confidentiality agreements. In many cases, this violation of patient privacy laws can allow a patient to pursue legal action. However, there are some instances when a physician may release his or her patients’ information.

If your doctor has illegally released your information, you can hold that person responsible for his or her careless behavior. For more information regarding your legal options if your physician has mistreated you, contact the Charleston medical malpractice lawyers of the Steinberg Law Firm by calling 843-720-2800 today.


In some situations, a doctor is required by law to give up their patients’ information to another party upon request. Some of these exceptions are meant to further overall public health and allow better emergency responses to a serious health issue. Others are simply the result of legal requirements from a court.

The exceptions to doctor-patient confidentiality agreements can include the following:

Outside of the few exceptions provided by the law, a doctor cannot give out treatment or diagnostic information without that patient’s consent.


If your physician has illegally given away or distributed your medical records, you may be entitled to pursue legal action against that individual. For more information regarding your options as a wronged patient, contact the Charleston medical malpractice attorneys of the Steinberg Law Firm today at 843-720-2800.

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