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2 Highway Workers Killed in South Carolina Car Crash


2 Highway Workers Killed in South Carolina Car Crash

Two roadside-workers were struck and killed by a semi-truck at the intersection of U.S. 460 and highway 1499 in Mouthcard Monday morning. 

The two men were placing work signs along the roadway to warn motorists of a tree trimming when the accident occurred. Police say 32 year-old Kevin D. Jones of 50 Tunraound Lane in Dorton, Kentucky and 20 year-old Paul Williams of 1023 Morgan Fork in Harold, Kentucky were struck by a tractor trailer truck from South Carolina which had mechanical problems and careened across the roadway at the intersection of U.S. 460 and highway 1499.

Feds Creek Fire Deparment and police officers were on the scene within minutes, but officials say their was little they could do.

"Debris was scattered everywhere. We did not know the fatalities until we got out of the car and started assessing the scene," Fire Chief Gregory Cantrell said. 

South Carolina State Trooper Mike Goble said the driver of the tractor-trailer "lost control, hit both of them, took them over the hill, killed them both."

The truck driver was not injured in the crash. 

Police say he was driving with a suspended license. He was arrested at the scene.

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