2019 Recipients Of The Steinberg Law Firm Community Fund

The relationship between the Steinberg Law Firm and the community it serves has always been a close, supportive one. We believe in helping our community the same way our community has helped each of us. One way we give back is through our Steinberg Law Firm Community Fund Program.

Through the Steinberg Community Fund Program, our law offices are pleased to support worthwhile endeavors, right here in our own backyard. The 11 charitable organizations receiving our financial support for the 2019 Steinberg Employee Community Fund are described in detail below. Click on the company name to explore each recipient’s website to find out more about them!

Tri-County Veterans Support Network

tri county veterans support network

The Network, operates a Veteran Housing Program which, to date, has purchased eight affordable houses. Operating from their core belief, the greatest problem veterans face is connecting to the right resource at the right time. The Tri-County Veterans Network is determined to provide safe, affordable housing to these veterans. The Firm’s financial support will allow the Network to complete renovations on five homes.

Lowcountry Youth Services

Lowcountry Youth Services

Lowcountry Youth Services, creates programs to offer young people the tools they need to thrive in life. The organization seeks volunteer mentors for its many programs. Lowcountry Youth Services plans to use the financial support from Steinberg Law Firm to recruit, screen and train these mentors. 

Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding

Charleston Area Theraputic Riding

Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding (CATR), provides a Public School Program that the Steinberg Law Firm gladly supports. CATR will use the Firm’s financial gift to transport eight to twelve children with disabilities from a local public school to CATR’s Public School Program. Here, they will receive specially designed, weekly horseback riding sessions.

Doors to Freedom

Doors to Freedom

Law firms routinely represent victims. It is part and parcel of the legal landscape. One type of victim, however, stands out. Doors to Freedom, provides a safe place for survivors of sex trafficking. 

The Steinberg Law Firm sees great potential in every human mind. The Firm’s financial gift will help these women study and earn their General Education Development (GED) high school equivalency diplomas.

Communities In Schools of the Charleston Area

Communities in Schools

Communities in Schools (CIS), runs a Student Support Program designed to address the risk factors influencing a child’s academic success and decision to remain in school. CIS places trained professionals in 15 Title I elementary, middle and high schools located in Charleston County and Berkeley County.

The CIS Student Support Specialists offer a mix of academic and social-emotional support to nearly 8,000 children and their families. They also provide case-managed services to approximately 750 students. Keeping kids in schools keeps them out of the legal system, a goal The Steinberg Law Firm strongly supports. 

Helping and Lending Outreach Support

Helping and Lending Outreach Suport

Helping and Lending Outreach Support (HALOS), provides support and advocacy for abused and neglected children and kinship caregivers. Kinship care, is when a grandparent or other relative takes in a child to raise and prevent the child from entering foster care. This is the most widely used out-of-home placement for maltreated children.

The Steinberg Law Firm is pleased to be providing a seed grant to award up to $150 per kinship family to pay filing fees in family court for uncontested custody cases.

Clap Your Hands

Clap Your Hands

Clap Your Hands, provides therapeutic products for cognitively or physically disabled children. The group serves Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester counties. They work directly with each child’s therapist, pediatrician, and/or Special Education teacher, at no charge to qualifying families and schools.

The Steinberg Law Firm’s financial support will allow Clap Your Hands to offer Special Education teachers an opportunity to fill bags of sample therapeutic products for children with special needs.

Fields to Families 

Fields to Families, believes all people deserve access to fresh fruits and vegetables. The non-profit organization coordinates volunteers with local farmers to help grow, harvest, collect and deliver local fruits, vegetables and eggs in the Tricounty Area.

The Steinberg Law Firm willingly offers Fields to Families, a helping hand, to help get these delicious fruits and vegetables to needy families in the community. 

Lowcountry Orphan Relief

Lowcountry Orphan Relief

Quick — you have to leave your home right now. No time to pick up anything, just go! This is the unsettled life of a neglected or abused child removed from a home. Lowcountry Orphan Relief (LOR) steps in during this difficult time to provide each child with a Care Kit.

The Care Kit has two weeks’ worth of new or gently used clothing, stuffed animals, outerwear, shoes, and books. The Care Kits also contain new underwear, toiletries and a backpack brimming with school supplies. The Firm is glad to help fund these Care Kits. No child should be left without the basics of life. 

Camp Rise Above 

Camp Rise Above

Camp Rise Above, provides life-changing camp experiences for children with serious illnesses, disabilities, and life challenges. The Steinberg Law Firm will help the group improve the lives of hundreds of children, by helping them enjoy high-quality programs at no cost to their families.

Charleston Area Senior Citizens’ Services, Inc.

Charleston Area Senior Citizens Services Inc.

Though tagged as focusing on senior citizens, this worthy organization reaches all age groups with its programs, in order to eliminate food insecurity. The group’s Emergency Food Box Program serves people of all ages from all three counties with 30-day, shelf-stable foods. Children ages 0-18 comprise 26 percent of those receiving this emergency food.

The Steinberg Law Firm is pleased to provide funds for the Emergency Food Box Program. The purchase of significant amounts of food from the Lowcountry Food Bank, will allow the program to serve more Charlestonians.

These 12 outstanding organizations make The Steinberg Law Firm proud to be part of this vibrant, hard-working community. With our financial support, we hope to reach across the Lowcountry in order to improve the lives of all our neighbors.

If you have inquiries about the Steinberg Community Fund Program, please contact Yani at or visit the website.


Applications for support through the Steinberg Law Firm Community Fund are accepted throughout the year and considered on a quarterly basis, with decisions announced in the summer or fall of each year. Grants range from $200 – $2,500.

Submissions must be focused on education, veterans, youth or women’s welfare, literacy, health care or workforce development to be considered for funding.

Eligibility: Applications are accepted for non-profits that are:

  • Local
  • Recognized by the I.R.S. as a public charity, exempt from income tax with a 501(c)(3) public charity
  • Not a political or lobbying organization

Non-profit organizations that have questions are invited to submit an inquiry at:

Updated on April 26, 2022

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