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8 Tips to Prepare Your Home Against Hurricanes

South Carolina is one of the most vulnerable states to hurricanes and strong storms. With six counties bordering the Atlantic Ocean, storm damage in South Carolina is always a risk.

Because hurricanes can cause substantial damage to homes, it is important to be prepared for them. The best steps of home hurricane preparation should be done when there is no immediate threat.

Tips for Preparing for a Hurricane

You should not wait until a hurricane watch is issued for you to prepare. Ideally, you should conduct your preparations before the start of the hurricane season, which would be from June up until November of each year.

Here are some hurricane preparation tips which might be helpful:

  1. Get a Supply of Plywood – Windows can be easily damaged during hurricanes because of flying debris and the strong wind. Plywood is the ideal material for boarding up your windows from the outside when a storm is approaching. Having a supply of it on-hand means that you can start boarding up your windows anytime as a hurricane approaches. Aluminum window shutters are an excellent alternative to plywood as well.
  2. Seal Doors and Windows – Windows and doors can let water in during a storm which can cause damage. To prevent this, make sure that doors and windows are properly sealed before the start of the storm season.
  3. Remove Debris – One of the biggest hazards during a hurricane is posed by flying debris. Check your yard or area and identify debris that can be carried by the strong wind during a storm and pose a real danger.
  4. Clean Gutters and Drains – Gutters and drains prevent the build up of water around your house. So, while the weather is okay, you need to clear the gutters while the weather is clear. Make sure that nothing is blocking the downspouts that take the water away from your home.
  5. Make Sure That Your Sump Pump Is Working – Your sump pump ensures that your basement does not become flooded. Before the start of hurricane season, you must check the pump to make sure that it is still running properly and that it has no debris which can prevent it from running properly or limit the amount of water which it can pump.
  6. Check for Cracks in the Foundation – Foundation cracks can cause flooding and problems with the plumbing. These cracks are not always easily visible, so you have to check for them very closely. Walk around your house and check for stress on the bottom concrete. Patch all the cracks you see.
  7. Procure Insurance – Make sure that all of your valuable possessions are protected by insurance. If you already have insurance, review its coverage.
  8. Use Surge Protection – Power surges can happen during storms and hurricanes. These can cause damage to your appliances. You should use surge protection to prevent your electrical appliances and electronics from being damaged.

These are just some ideas on how you can get your home ready to face hurricanes. Now, you and your family should also be prepared to face an emergency situation by having emergency and safety kits ready.

Updated on October 21, 2019

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