Attorneys Michael Jordan and Catie Meehan Win Big Settlement


Attorneys Michael Jordan and Catie Meehan Win Big Settlement

Attorneys Michael Jordan and Catie Meehan recently won a huge verdict in court for a very complicated auto accident case. They proved that hard work really does pay off in the court room.

Several years ago, the firm’s client was involved in a horrendous accident that resulted in some very serious injuries. Her vehicle was demolished and her insurance company was being less than cooperative.

Mr. Jordan pushed through to obtain all policy limits but received some reluctance from her UIM insurance. Typically, UIM coverage, also known as Underinsured Motorist insurance, is purchased by a policy holder to help pay for injuries and medical bills when the at-fault party doesn’t have enough coverage.

It wasn’t easy, but with the help and organized preparation by his paralegal, Kristin Howard, Mr. Jordan and Mrs. Meehan were able to present their case efficiently and seamlessly. The verdict was ruled for $275,000 for his client from the insurance provider.

In the end, this proves that hard work and determination really does pay. Also, having an attorney that is strong, knowledgeable, and diligent on your side is the only way to fight stubborn insurance companies.

Mr. Jordan and Mrs. Meehan were very pleased they were able to have such a good outcome for their client after all that she had endured because of this accident.

Our attorneys fight in the court room when insurance companies are slow to cooperate. Many clients come to The Steinberg Law Firm because we have a reputation for digging deeply, and working tirelessly to help achieve justice.
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