Breast Cancer Survivor/Employee: Julie McCormick

As we strive to bring more breast cancer awareness throughout the month of October, we also honor those we know who have fought the battle and won. Julie McCormick is our receptionist in our Summerville office and has a very important story to share.
Julie’s story:
“I went for my first routine mammogram appointment 9 years ago.  I was 40 years old.
It was determined at that time I had Stage 2 Breast Cancer with 1 lymph node affected. After lumpectomy surgery, 6 rounds of chemo, 35 days of radiation and 9 years later, I am cancer free. 
I will never ever forget that time in my life and will continue to do my best to take preventative steps to keep it in remission. I had the support of a loving husband, family, friends and co-workers to get me thru that difficult time. 
Breast cancer awareness is near and dear to my heart.  My heartfelt message to you all today is to remember to perform routine self-exams and at 40 years + to remember to have your yearly breast cancer exam from a physician.
Please tell your friends, your family and co-workers you could be saving someone’s life.”
Julie McCormick
Thank you Julie! We appreciate all that you do and are so grateful to have you on the Steinberg team!

Updated on October 9, 2015

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