Steinberg Law Firm Partners with CAJM for a Brighter Future

Steinberg Law Firm Partners with CAJm for a Brighter Future.

Steinberg Law Firm Partners with CAJM for a Brighter Future

While the Steinberg Law Firm has dedicated their efforts to protecting the rights of their clients, we are also dedicated to cultivating a brighter future for all. The Steinberg Law Firm has fostered a forward-thinking relationship with The Charleston Area Justice Ministry (CAJM) after many years of partnership.

We have worked with The Charleston Area Justice Ministry for many years and hold their values close as our founder, Irving Steinberg, experienced discrimination as one of the first Jewish attorneys in Charleston. We are even more enthused to announce that The Steinberg Law Firm will be exclusively partnering with CAJM in 2018 to merge efforts of fostering a brighter future for all!

Sparking a Brighter Future

CAJM is focused on bettering the Charleston area for all. They CAJM is comprised of people from all walks of life and all Faith-Based Congregations. Members hailing from all demographics strive to empower marginalized groups in our community. They are able to head this mission by performing research and publically addressing our community’s root issues that result in poverty and injustice in the Charleston area. By educating and empowering these marginalized groups, they are able to organize and take forward action toward equality in life and the justice system.   

“CAJM is unique in its approach in that it transforms the systems that cause suffering by holding local officials accountable for resolving these inequities and injustices.”

What’s Ahead

In 2018, CAJM and the Steinberg Law Firm will be developing an event similar to the Youth Summit, which is dedicated to creating a safe space where Charleston youth connect to bright light to and discuss societal issues in their community.

This event will aim to attract youth from all religious and cultural backgrounds, bringing them together with the opportunity to discuss current and future issues they observe or have overcome in society. The youth in our community are the future; soon enough they will be in positions of power, implementing their ideas, and initiating change. By allowing these students to have a voice in the present and empowering them to think critically about their ability to create change, we hope to make connections, spark ideas, and set fire to the powerhouse generations that can create a better future.

CAJM has seen success and strength with growing numbers. The Steinberg Law Firm would like to invite you to get involved with CAJM and see what sparks or education, curiosity, and progress you can ignite in your very own community; the spark you ignite today can light the way for future generations.

“Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.” – William Butler Yeats

Stay tuned to our blog for updates on the event information for this partnership.  For questions, please email Yani Smith at .

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