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Can I Sue a Restaurant or Business if I Caught Covid-19 There?

It is very difficult to prove that a business is legally responsible for a COVID-19 infection. Companies in South Carolina and many other states have been released from personal liability for claims related to COVID-19 if they are following current safety guidelines and protocols. The COVID-19 Liability Immunity Act was passed to protect business owners from costly lawsuits and promote small businesses staying open in a precarious economy. 

The crux of any personal injury lawsuit is demonstrating a causal link between someone’s negligence and someone else’s injury. It is hard, if not impossible, to provide the level of evidence necessary to show a court that a restaurant or other business is responsible for your damages caused by COVID-19. This is because the COVID-19 virus is widespread, easily transmissible and its incubation period is anywhere from 3 days to two weeks. Exposure and infection could have occurred anywhere a person went in that time. 

Even though you probably will not be able to sue a business where you suspect you got COVID-19, there are still penalties for those that reject local, state or federal safety mandates. 

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If you believe that you contracted COVID-19, or another illness, due to the negligence of a restaurant, contact the South Carolina personal injury lawyers at the Steinberg Law Firm. We have taken on injury cases of Covid-19 in some situations, particularly those in work place situations requiring exposure.

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Updated on April 29, 2022

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