Posted on: 11-23-2021
Can I Switch Attorneys If I’m Unhappy? | When Should I Change Lawyers In An Injury Case | South Carolina | Steinberg Law Firm

Can I Switch Injury Attorneys if I am Unhappy?

Changing Injury or Workers’ Compensation Attorneys During Your Case Is Possible

When it comes to selecting an attorney, you want the best person qualified to represent you. But what if you selected your attorney, and after all the research you conducted or the great recommendations you received, you are still unsatisfied by their representation and services? Well, do not fret because you may have options to switch attorneys, even after the case has been filed.

Reasons to Switch Attorneys

Clients can become dissatisfied with their lawyer for several reasons, the biggest one being communication. While your attorney is probably handling other cases in addition to yours, that does not mean the communication should falter. A great lawyer and their team are responsive with phone calls and emails and keep you informed frequently during your case.

Sometimes clients get frustrated with how long a case may take and they relate the slow process of the case to the attorney and place blame on the attorney. Length of time is not a reason to change attorneys. Unfortunately, a personal injury case is usually not going to settle in just a few weeks; it is going to take months and even years in many cases depending on the severity of the injuries. Be patient with your attorney and call your attorney for periodic updates.

There are some situational instances in which you should consider a new attorney. For example, in a workers’ compensation claim if you are still in pain and feel you need additional treatment, but your lawyer is pushing for settlement despite your need for further treatment. Sometimes an attorney gets too busy and lets deadlines slip by or does not fully inform you of everything. You should then consider another attorney.

Before seeking another attorney, it is best to set a time to personally meet with your attorney to discuss any issues. Have this meeting in person, not on the phone. Take this time to explain your concerns and how the attorney will address them. You will find a face-to-face meeting will fix many misunderstandings you might have between the two of you. You can always seek a second opinion, but be aware that another attorney cannot give you legal advice until you receive a letter stating the relationship has been terminated with your current attorney.

While you can switch attorneys during any point in your case, it is best to do as much research about the attorney and the law firm prior to hiring them. Ask your friends and family for their opinions, read client reviews and testimonials, and look up the law firm’s ratings on sites like Google or Better Business Bureau. Taking the time to thoroughly research attorneys will only benefit you in the long run.

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