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Case: Charleston Area Beach Front Home Reno Gone Wrong

Result: $265,000

A beautiful, beachfront home underwent significant renovation work in 2018, including a new, metal roof, cement fiberboard siding, windows, and new framing and waterproof surface for a deck.

In less than a year after the construction work, the home experienced serious leaks due to defective workmanship.

The defects included:

  • Defective installation of the cement fiberboard siding,
  • Improper window flashing which allowed water to get in around the windows,
  • Improper installation of the standing seam metal roof where it met the wall allowed water to enter the home, and
  • Defective installation of a waterproof membrane on the deck which allowed water to penetrate into the home.

As a homeowner, how do you know if your contractor is doing a good job? It can be hard to tell. The typical homeowner understandably has no idea how windows are supposed to be installed or the proper installation for metal roofing. This contractor was a local business that had been performing this work for many years with good reviews and community connections.

Unfortunately, the homeowner alleged that the project was poorly managed from the start with the proper permits not pulled, general contractor almost never onsite to supervise the work, and the unsupervised workers unqualified to perform the work. The homeowner alleged the contractor was difficult to reach and continuously made excuses not being at the project. The project required specialized knowledge of how to install windows, siding, flashing, waterproof deck membranes, and metal roofing. Without this detailed knowledge and proper project oversight, the work was completed incorrectly, particularly where different materials met, which allowed water to get into the home. The water entering the home due to the defective work caused damage to drywall, framing, and other components of the home.

The initial cost of the renovation project was approximately $150,000 and the amount recovered was $265,000. The legal process took just over two years.

If you have issues with your home after renovation work, seek out the assistance of our construction defect attorneys. We serve clients throughout South Carolina including new construction, renovations, and townhome and condominium associations. For a free case consultation, call us at 843-720-2800 or use our online contact form.

Updated on April 26, 2022

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