Charleston among South Carolina’s most dangerous counties when it comes to road accidents

For the third time in three years, the counties of Charleston, Greenville, Richland, and Horry were included in the top five of AAA Carolina’s annual list of South Carolina’s most dangerous counties for vehicle collisions.

According to an analysis based on 2012 crash data, Charleston was ranked as the most dangerous county in South Carolina for the past three years and has consistently appeared in the top three for eight years. Road vehicle accidents in Charleston account for 11% of collisions in South Carolina, though the county only has 7% of the state’s miles traveled.

For fatal crashes per miles traveled in 2012, the counties of Williamsburg, Oconee, Allendale, Saluda, and Laurens were deemed the most dangerous, accounting for two-thirds of fatal crashes.

AAA Carolinas president and CEO David Parsons said rural roads are prone to single-vehicle accidents due to more curves, insufficient road markings, and limited police presence.

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Updated on December 29, 2018

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