Common Work Injuries in Landscaping

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Common Work Injuries in Landscaping

With a high fatality rate, landscaping is one of the most dangerous jobs in the service sector. Landscaping workers install and maintain lawns, shrubs, plants and trees, often utilizing power tools or equipment. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates there are over 900,000 landscapers in the country.

Landscapers face a number of dangers on the job every day. The following are some common landscaping hazards and injuries:

  • Cuts and amputations from plants or equipment
  • Heat and cold stress from working primarily outside in all types of weather, including extreme heat and cold
  • Overexposure to harmful chemicals from pesticides used on soil, which can lead to pesticide poisoning and related illnesses
  • Injuries from falls from elevation from doing work in trees or cranes
  • Hearing loss from noisy equipment
  • Overexertion from lifting heavy equipment
  • Electrocution from overhead power lines
  • Transportation-related injuries

If you were injured while at work, the Steinberg Law Firm recommends that you take the following steps immediate after a work-related injury:

1. If you are injured while you are working, follow the employer’s policies and report your injury as soon as you can. Report your injury even if you think it is minor.
2. Keep a record of the date, time and who you spoke to when reporting your injury.
3. If any co-workers witnessed your injury, write names and phone numbers.
4. If you were injured by a defective tool or product at work, take pictures and ask that it be kept in a safe place.
5. Your employer gets to choose the doctor, so ask your employer where to go if you need medical treatment.
6. Make sure you tell the doctor you were injured on the job and details about each body area that was injured. Take pictures of any visible cuts, lacerations and bruises and of any casts, braces, or bandages applied.
7. Be sure to ask for a work excuse or restrictions.

If you got hurt while working as a landscaper, you may be worried about medical bills, loss of wages and permanent injuries that could make it difficult for you to return to work. The experienced and compassionate personal injury attorneys at Steinberg Law Firm can discuss your options and maximize your benefits to obtain the compensation you deserve.

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