Emojis are Back for the Holidays

While driving around the low country this month, you may see the return of a few billboards with messages using emojis instead of letters.

 South Carolina’s Department of Public Safety and local law enforcement agencies started their safe driving campaign to remind drivers to drink responsibly during the holiday season. Yesterday, news conferences went live around the state to launch the Sober or Slammer Campaign, which will run until the end of this year.

Trooper Bob, of South Carolina Highway patrol, came up with idea to use emojis on billboards and social media to convey the message: “Don’t drink and drive”. He aims to reach drivers in a laid back way to grab their attention, and it’s been successful.  The same campaign ran for the first time over the summer with over 170 billboards across the state. The unique billboard soon became a trending topic of discussion. The simple emoji message is this: beer + car = police car.

Recent studies show that South Carolina ranks third worst drivers in the nation and has been ranked first in roadway fatalities; the majority of those fatalities are caused by drunk driving.  

We can all work together to change the state’s statistics by sharing the campaign’s message, calling a ride-sharing company after a few drinks, and by sharing this blog.

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Updated on April 26, 2022

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