Ford Announces 6 Separate Recalls in July

Detroit, Michigan-based automaker Ford Motor Co. announced six separate recalls earlier this month, affecting a total of 100,610 vehicles in North America. The vehicles were recalled because of potentially faulty right-hand halfshafts. This defect causes part of the axle to disengage unexpectedly, leaving drivers unable to operate their vehicles. Additionally, these vehicles can roll away unexpectedly while they are parked if the parking brake is not on.

Ford will begin notifying owners of the defective vehicles on August 25 so that they can have their vehicles repaired for free by their local dealers.

The largest recall, affecting 92,022 vehicles, involved the 2012-2014 Edge crossover; 2013-2014 Ford Police Interceptor, Taurus, and Lincoln MKS sedans; 2013-2014 Ford Flex and Lincoln MKT crossovers; and 2014 Lincoln MKX crossover.

Also included in Ford’s recalls are:

  • 5,264 2011-2014 F59 Commercial Stripped Chassis — according to the company, corrosion in one part of the vehicle could increase the chances of a short circuit, which could result in fire or electrical power loss
  • 2,124 2014 Ford Escape SUVs —  the company warns of an improperly cured bond on their panoramic glass roofs that could result in leaking or the vehicles’ roof separating from the rest of the vehicle
  • 635 2014 F53 Motor Home Stripped Chassis and F59 Commercial Stripped Chassis — the company warns that the brakes on some of these vehicles could suffer from reduced performance due to a problem with the vehicles’ brake calipers

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Updated on April 26, 2022

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