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Four Loko lawsuit filed by parents of dead teen


Four Loko lawsuit filed by parents of dead teen

The parents of a Virginia boy who died after drinking two cans of the potent beverage Four Loko recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the makers of the drink, Phusion Projects.

The 15-year-old boy and a group of friends went to a gas station in Manassas on the evening of September 25, 2010. They bought several cans of Four Loko, nicknamed “blackout in a can” for its high alcohol content, and the boy drank two cans. Later in the night, he was thrown out of a concert, and, when his mother came to pick him up, he ran from her vehicle and onto a highway. The boy was hit by an SUV and died on the morning of September 26.

According to the lawsuit filed by the boy’s parents, the boy had no idea what effect the drink would have on him, and they are seeking an undisclosed amount in damages.

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