Highway Death Toll Spikes in South Carolina

Once again, South Carolina has made it on the list of highest highway death tolls in the U.S.  for 2015.

It might be quick to assume these fatal auto accidents are higher during bad weather and icy roads around this time of the year, however, South Carolina’s weather took an opposite turn this holiday season.

While many people opt not to travel during Christmas and New Year because of undesired weather conditions, more people than ever were out traveling further distances than they had in years. With spring-like temperatures during December and gas prices the lowest they had been all year, more people hit the roads during the holidays.

This increase included motorcyclists who saw optimal riding conditions, more pedestrians, and overall, more people out and about attending parties and outdoor events. Unfortunately, the number of motorcycle accidents increased to an alarming 44 more fatalities than was seen in 2014.

When there’s an increase in travel, there’s always going to be an increase in automobile accidents. However, many of these accidents and fatalities can usually be prevented. Out of 943 total fatalities this year, approximately 623 had access to seat belts but more than half of those weren’t even wearing them. Another mistake that might have spared even more lives is choosing not to drink and drive. With Uber rides being so popular and easy to access, it’s very simple to make the responsible decision not to drink and drive.

It’s hard to predict how the weather may be next winter, but regardless, when traveling long distances, always take proper safety precautions and never drink and drive. 

Updated on December 12, 2019

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