How and Why To Choose an Attorney


How and Why To Choose an Attorney

When it’s time to choose an attorney, people are often unsure what to look for.

Is it the attorney with the slick TV ads? The one with the most convenient office? The well-known name?

There are lots of criteria to consider before choosing an attorney. And while not every interaction with the courts requires an attorney, many people are often better served getting professional help. choosing an attorney

An article in Entrepreneur magazine gives business owners a list of things to look for. We think they work for people looking for attorneys, too:

  • Experience
  • Understanding
  • Ability to Communicate
  • Availability
  • Rapport
  • References
  • Reasonable Fees *

However, for many people, the question remains: do I need an attorney, at all? shares a helpful guide to determining if you need legal representation.

While a traffic citation rarely requires any help, a traffic accident often may. Most clients are surprised to learn there are usually time constraints, and that they must file by a certain time in order for their case to be heard by the courts. That’s precisely the kind of information lawyers share with prospects and clients, every day.

Different attorneys practice different kinds of law. This article underlines how and when to contact a personal injury attorney.

As the article notes: “Because insurance companies profit by under compensating injured persons, many companies will automatically offer a lower settlement to persons not working with a personal injury attorney. For this reason, many people opt to hire personal injury lawyers even before they have been offered a settlement.”

When it comes to complicated matters of law, don’t go it alone!

*Many types of law do not involve lawyer fees, but rather a portion of a client’s settlement.

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