Make the Best of Thanksgiving 2020

Make the Best of Thanksgiving 2020

This year, Thanksgiving will be different due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are plenty of ways to make the best of the holiday. Here are some recommendations on how to have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving in 2020!

Thanksgiving To-go

Some families have a tradition of eating at their favorite restaurant for Thanksgiving. While eating at restaurants may not be a viable option, many local Charleston restaurants are offering their Thanksgiving dinners To-go. This service allows families to have a meal from their favorite restaurant in the comfort of their own home. Some Charleston restaurants that are offering this service are:

Click this link to see a full list of restaurants that are offering Thanksgiving To-go meals!

Virtual Family Gatherings

Although a traditional Thanksgiving dinner is enormously important, precautions must be taken. Celebrating virtually or with members of your own household poses low risk for spread. If you decide to have visitors come from out of town, the CDC recommends that all family members get tested both before and after the event.

Social Distancing at Gatherings

It is generally recommended that you gather outdoors as indoor gatherings with poor ventilation pose more risk for all attending family members. While each family will have to make their own decisions regarding masks and social distancing requirements, consider having a smaller gathering this year to lessen the chance of contracting the virus. Regardless, whether you decide to have a large or small gathering, make sure to appreciate the extra time with loved ones this year.

Holiday Charity

Gathering with family during Thanksgiving is a special time for reflection, gratitude, celebration, and peace. While this year has presented many new, unexpected challenges, it is also important to remember the people who are experiencing the holiday alone. Consider donating food to local food pantries and help the less fortunate members of your local community. Whether you are donating food, clothes, or other necessities, getting involved in the local community is one of the most rewarding ways to celebrate the holidays and helps put everything into perspective.

All in all, this holiday season will be slightly different from the previous years. Although Coronavirus is changing the way that we interact with our family and loved ones, we can still find ways to safely enjoy the holiday season. Steinberg Law Firm encourages you to be as safe as possible this holiday season. We are proud to have been legally representing our local community for many years, and we continue to do so throughout the pandemic. If you need legal counsel please reach out as we may be able to help. You may contact us by phone at (843) 720-2800 or on our website with this link.

Updated on April 26, 2022

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